Friday, January 18, 2013

stealing and lying

We seem to be making no progress at all.  He steals from stores.  From family members.  From us.  And he lies so easily.

I am so discouraged.


  1. I'm so sorry. Suzanne... I belong to a group on FB that has been a real help to us (at least in offering support and understanding). It is a group of international adoptive parents dealing with all of the alphabet soup stuff. It might at least offer a place to vent. If you're interested let me know at six sunflowerseeds at gmail dot com and I'll talk to the moderator about seeing if you can join. ((hugs))
    - Tami

  2. i am so sorry Suzanne. I understand all too well.

    We seem to have made progress on the stealing but the lies and property damage continue. We just had him evaluated for medication on the recommendation of our behaviorist. Unfortunately, Alexander has "blue" type aggression, methodical, well planned and very devious. Meds treat ADD type behavior and "red" aggression, impulsive, angry, violent. The psychiatrist diagnosed it as a brain development issue that we can only treat with behavior modification techniques. He estimated at least two more years of this and then other behaviors. Ugh.

    We are making the most progress with a mind/body specialist. She uses NLP, kinesiology, reflexology, touch for health, etc. It turns him around for several days and then the behavior starts again. At least it gives us some relief. If you're interested I'm sure she can recommend someone in your area.

    Hang in there. This is much, much harder than I imagined when we picked up our sweet smiling boy.


    1. Yes, please, I would love a recommendation. Much harder indeed.

      - S

  3. I'm having lunch with her tomorrow. I'll get a recommend. Just know you're not alone.

  4. Just found you again and wanted to check in.

    Hugs from Kate--back in Russia (!!)
    (blog is private right now, but you are ALWAYS welcome)


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