Friday, July 29, 2011

two-point shots

Tater: I don't get this problem.
Me: "I don't get" is not a question.
Tater: This part.
(points to words that say So-n-so made 23 two-point shots. . . )
Me: Well, how much is a two-point shot worth?
Tater: I don't know! They never taught me that! How am I supposed to know?
Me: Well, you let me know when you are ready to tell me and then I will help you set up the problem.
Tater: (rages off)


  1. "I don't get it is not a question."

    I recognize that one! ;>

    Did she come back?

  2. Yup -- I learned that one from you.

    Yes, she did come back. It's worth two points. Who would have thunk it?


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